Our Core Service Offerings


We produce cutting edge complimentary/business cards that depict all your business detail and offer you the convenience of sharing them


These are materials, such as banners, large posters and a few others with huge width and need big machiens to print. We give you definite prints


We take care of all kinds of event posters, notices and programmes with hight quality but moderate charges


We are able to incoroprate the operations of your company, the benefits offered by your product/service into brochures/leaflets for public distribution. We design attractive billboards of all shapes and sizes and place them at vantage points to attract the necessary attention for your brand


We work extensively on magazines, reports, and research work with special Editors with Eagle eyes to iron-out misspellings and wrong placements.


We print invoice, receipt, and work order of all shapes and forms

Your corporate or business image is of exceptional importance to us and so we strive to keep your brand/product/service at the apex level it deserves.
We produce branded items that enhance your brand/corporate/personal image and cement a working relationship between your outfit and employees or clients. These items include, but not limited to:

  • Diaries/Journals (Pocket/Desk)
  • Calenders (Desk/wall)
  • Medals/Awards/Crystals/Badges/Name tags/Stationaries
  • Clocks
  • Mugs
  • Polo shirts/Caps/T-shirts
  • Wrist bands
  • USB Drives
  • Executive Pens


We have some of the finest cards you will ever need for your weddings, board meetings and other events that go with invitations. We have custom-made cards and we have the ability to brand the cards to reflect your corporate image.

Special events require special hands.....on-point hands

A high quality, neatly designed, portable and branded diary is an essential promotional tool for your corporate image throughout an entire year. We produce desk and pocket diaries in all shapes and forms, texture and covers. We incorporate your message, colours and logo into giving you a perfect document for your staff and clients to carry along throughout the year.

We organize highly insightful IT and Marketing training sessions for corporate bodies; conveniently scheduled to equip and benefit participants.

  • We conduct market research to assess product or service dominance and its level of impact/acceptance on the market or in the public eye.
  • We also provide networking and various IT Solutions.
  • We do sourcing of goods for respective individuals and institutions.
  • We develop expeditious websites with strong presence, easy navigation, readability and usability. Websites with multi-User access control capability that allows different users to login and post content to authorised sections within the site.

Online/Social Media Marketing

Marketing has metamorphosed from its traditional methods into more modern, complex and diverse platforms that marketers need to embrace to be able to reach other target groups. We expressly log you/your business unto social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+ etc as well as online pages like myjoyonline, peacefmonline, citifmonline etc and push your message to various individuals, groups, and potential clients.

Media Publicity and Promotion of your product or service has become a necessity since there are many competitors in the industry and advertisement puts you directly ahead of them and favourably positions you to satisfy demand depending on how well you structure your advert and where you put it.

With many years of media engagement at our disposal, we are the experts in managing your publicity to beat your expectation while giving you the cheapest price on the market.

  • Radio Jingles & LPM’s
  • Television Advertisement (Logo Display, Television Crawls, Announcements, Product Display, Product Endorsement, In-studio appearance)
  • Documentaries
  • Animation
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Newspaper Advertisement