OakPoint .....always on point


OakPoint …..always on point

Oakpoint Limited is a multifaceted firm with expertise in media, advertsing, Printing and IT Services circles.

We provide exceptional services for a wide range of clientele, with regards to Media Publicity and Promotion, General Printing, Corporate Souvenirs, Online Marketing, Event Managment and Branding.

Our objective is to ensure that your brand and/or corporate image captures the needed attention, familiarity & client assent/acceptance. We work to put you and your business ahead of your competitors in a challenging market/industry


To ensure that brands achieve the maximum media, advertising and publicity benefit


To become an accepted and trusted multinational media, advertising and printing firm


Our Corporate aims include:

  • Creating Unique and dissimilar designs, styles and concepts that capture the clients’ target audience and strategically positions them over their competitors/cohorts – CREATIVITY
  • Completely possessing and steadfastly adhering to the highest business principles and professional standards – INTEGRITY
  • Delivering services on-time and working assiduously to ensure customer satisfaction and brand acceptance – PUNCTUALITY

Opening hours

We are opened on:

  • 830 – 1700
  • 1000 – 1500